Workers and third parties involved in the care of clients are included in our confidentiality policy.

Summary of the Policy

The client’s rights to confidentiality must be safeguarded. Therefore, the employee will use information only in the best interests of the client, or with their consent.

SEA are GDPR compliant and our confidentiality policy is in line with this.

Information such as:

  1. Verbal
  2. Electronic
  3. Photographic
  4. Video
  5. Audio recording


Firstly, the client or their advocate will give written consent. In order, to use and potentially share their information. Moreover, this should form part of the information provided at the outset of receipt of the service.

Disposal of Information

If we no longer provide support for the client, records should be removed from circulation then the records will be put in secure archive storage. It is good practice to retain records for up to 20 years to meet insurance requirements.

When confidential information no longer needs to be stored, SEA will shred paper records  to ensure there is no risk of third parties accessing sensitive data. Finally, SEA will delete electronic records making sure no retrieval is possible.

To see the full policy click the link below –

Confidentiality Policy

We are GDPR compliant with our confidentiality policy

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