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 The roles involves providing care to clients however, this does depends on individual needs. Examples of the tasks;

  1. Provide support in social and leisure activities
  2. Personal care such as –  washing, bathing, showering etc
  3. Help with mobility
  4. Support in preparing meals, shopping
  5. Assist clients to access to information
  6. Support and develop communication
  7. Support with simple house work
  8. Encourage independence and also to learn new skills
  9. Budget planning and managing money
  10. Teaching transport skills
  11. Encourage personal safety
  12. Support clients to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle


To apply click on the link below and then email the form to

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SEA is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to providing services which improve access for the client group. As a result, we are a unique organisation which is able to provide staff with sign language skills to individuals, businesses and organisations, enabling the provision of high quality, equitable and finally providing accessible services.
SEA provide jobs for many deaf people, so we have positive about disabled people stamp

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