Deafscope – A Deaf-friendly directory

9th October 2019


Discover great places for the deaf community

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What is it?

Deafscope is a directory for the deaf community. So people can find Deaf-friendly businesses, services, places, events and activities in their area. The creator of Deafscope describes it as a “search engine like Google/Bing where everything is Deaf/Sign Language related and friendly – restaurants, cafes, travel guides, garages, theatres, social venues, businesses, surgeries, dentists, solicitors.. the list goes on!” (Limping Chicken Blog)

Why was it created?

Ishtiaq Hussain who set up Deafscope wanted to eradicate barriers for the deaf community within the UK. Barriers such as networking with individuals and information about travelling which he has faced himself.

A simple directory such as this will have a hugely positive impact in the way deaf people search for services and events to suit their needs.

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