SEA’s Core Values

10th April 2019

Our Core Values

SEA prides themselves on these 5 core values that are at the foundation for every decision made at SEA. We promote these core values for both our staff and clients.

Our core values with sign


Defining equality “Fair treatment of people regardless of their gender, race, disability etc.” 

We promote equality for all our staff.  SEA ensure that all staff are given equal opportunities and equal pay regardless of differences or whether you are from a minority group. We are happy to say that we have a diverse workforce.  Made up of people from different cultures, backgrounds and genders. We also use our social media accounts and website to promote equality for everyone whether in our workplace or the community. Take a look at our Instagram Page for daily posts on this.


Defining  independence “not depending on another for livelihood.” 

We encourage independence to both our staff and clients. We want our staff to be independent to ensure they grow in both personal and professional aspects of their lives. However, independence is an important core value we promote to our clients. SEA provide support, personal care and outreach with the ultimate goal of helping clients to become as independent as possible. This is achieved by SEA Support Workers taking our clients into the community, allowing choice, taking part in physical activity.


Defining access “ensuring their are no barriers in our workplace for anybody.”

SEA are proud to say we have created a fully accessible workplace. We especially pride ourselves on the fact our workforce has no barriers for people who are deaf (as many workplaces are not yet accessible for deaf people). We have made easy adaptions for example, using FaceTime rather than phone calls. SEA also make sure our staff use the Access to Work scheme which helps people with disabilities start working and stay in work.


Defining choice “promoting choosing between two or more possibilities.”

Choice in the workplace is one of our core values because we believe that it makes our employees more creative, healthier and more engaged. Moreover, we highly promote the value of choice in our clients. We want to put the client in control of the care and treatment they receive.


Defining “consideration for self  and for others.”

SEA’s respect value includes consideration for people’s privacy, physical space, belongings and the respect of different viewpoints. This is an essential value for both our staff and our clients. Respect is one of the regulations from the CQC which requires care workers to treat clients as equals, give clients privacy when needed and provide caring support. Furthermore, we promote and encourage respect in our workforce. For example, we put on regular cultural difference awareness courses to ensure that all of our staff respect their colleagues and the differences.


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