Teaching Deaf awareness to children through books

15th January 2020

Deaf Awareness Books

Last year SEA ran a competition to win a set of children’s book which included a Deaf awareness message. We believe it so important for children to see a diverse range of people within their books.

As a company SEA work to increase Deaf awareness and have organised many Deaf awareness courses such as the ‘Insight into the Deaf Perspective’. Children learn many lessons from reading books therefore, we want to share some books which help encourage Deaf awareness.

Children books which increase deaf awareness

The books above all include Deaf characters which can help Deaf children to identify themselves to characters in books and can encourage Deaf awareness to hearing children.

The books:

  1. What the Jackdaw Saw
  2. Freddie and the Fairy
  3. Dachy’s Deaf
  4. Jake and Jasmine to the Rescue
  5. Proud to be Deaf

We hope that if you do read any of these books, you enjoy them and you and your children learn something new.

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